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Pellet stove services fall into two different categories.  Sometimes the two overlap.  We take care of both categories.  The first is “ Help!  My stove is broken and I’m freezing!  You might see that your stove will not feed pellets, or it shuts down after burning for a while.  The inside of the stove may look all glossy black, or the glass may look like someone poured maple syrup on it.  The automatic igniter, (if your stove has one) may not light the stove.  Your burn pot may be full of unburned pellets.  It might feed fuel continuously.  Maybe it is excessively noisy or makes a loud squeaking noise while running.  Could be it makes a loud noise like a tire spinning out of round on a truck.  Your heat advance lights on the control board might be blinking instead of solid and the stove won’t work at all.  Perhaps there is a strong odor of hot metal, or electrical smell when the stove is burning.  This can be a variety of problems such as a failed blower, auger motor, safety devise, bad control board, or sometimes a cleaning or a combination of several things. Once on sight, our first step is to properly diagnose the root cause, not just the top symptom. 

The Stove Doctor brings years of experience to the playing field, and our technicians are very well trained.  This means we can diagnose your stove and affect the right repairs.  One of our company policies is “ Treat our customers money like it is our money", don’t spend what you don’t need to spend.  We make sure to repair your stove correctly, and will give you a heads up to anything else we see, but we don’t just replace parts and hope it works.  We work hard to do it right.

The second category is maintenance  We stress that regular maintenance of the stove and chimney is critical for proper performance.  Our cleaning system brings your stove as close to factory new as we can make it.  We use a tried and proven cleaning system that will clear up a lot of problems by itself.  These problems might include, lazy flames, burn pot overflowing with pellets (if they’re burning, if they’re not burning that could be an entirely different problem), poor heat output, difficulty in lighting the stove and so on.  Our first order of business when we get on sight is to diagnose the problem.  Again, we don’t want to spend any more of your money than we have to.  If it is determined that a full cleaning is needed, it routinely takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.  We have a variety of specialized tools and techniques to do the job right.  Many of our first time cleaning customers will comment that we do more in the first 20 minutes of our cleaning than the last company did in the entire job.  We strongly recommend that if you are burning more than 75 bags of fuel per season, you should have your stove professionally cleaned yearly.  You will find that if we do the cleaning once a year, your amount of work to keep the stove working will go down quite a bit.  Many of our loyal customers take advantage of our forward book program.  This program gives special discounts, and we clean their stove and chimney every summer.  If you are a first time customer, after your first cleaning, you may be able to take advantage of this program too. 

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Pellet Stoves:

It is not normal for pellet stoves to produce creosote.  Creosote is a shiny black substance that can be produced if the air to fuel is out of balance in the stove.  Respond to this soon.  Left unchecked, creosote can build up in the stove and chimney, causing fires and requiring the replacement of chimney components.

Don’t leave pellets in your hopper over the summer.  We live in a rain forest, and the humidity can cause the pellets to swell up in the feed system, causing it to jamb.  If you turn your stove on and the pellets won’t feed, check the hopper.  If the pellets are more sawdust and less glossy round uniform size pellets, clean out the hopper.  If the pellets still won’t feed, time to call The Stove Doctor.

The glass in the door of your pellet stove is a good indicator as to how the stove is burning.  If you notice a sudden change in the buildup on your glass, see first if any settings have been changed.  Try a few bags of another brand of fuel.  If that does not bring results, you may have a sick stove.  Time to call The Stove Doctor.

Some pellet stoves have manual dampers (Breckwell, some Envirofires, Whitfields and others) to control the combustion air.  These are not exactly the same as a wood stove damper as you usually set it and do not constantly adjust it the way you would with a wood stove.  Ideally, you want just enough air for complete combustion, but not so much as to cool down the stove.  Set the damper by letting the stove burn for 1 hour or so on low, then adjust the damper so that the fire is lively, and the pellets kind of hover.  Do not give so much air that the pellets look like a popcorn popper.  Some pellet stoves (Austroflamm, Altair, Quadra fire and others) do not have a damper control.  They do this automatically.  Some units (Avalon, Avanti, Heritage Bay, Lopi some Whitfield’s and more) have a somewhat hidden damper control.  If your not sure, contact The Stove Doctor.

Keep your burn pot clean.  The burn pot is where the pellets are fed into and are burning.  This area will build up with stuff in the pellets that won’t burn.  This buildup must be removed to keep the stove in good working order.  Some stoves (Quadra fire, Harmon and others) do not have a removable burn pot and must be cleaned in the stove.  Others (Austroflamm, Altair, Breckwell, Envirofire, Lopi and others) have a removable burn pot that can be taken out to clean.  Try to get all the holes opened up and surface residue cleaned off.  Be careful as some burn pots are made of cast iron and will stay hot a long time.  NEVER vacuum out a burn pot.  It can hold coals for a long time and you may catch your vacuum on fire.

It is normal to smell some smoke during start up.  However, if you still smell smoke from your stove ½ hour after start up, you may have a venting problem.  Better contact The Stove Doctor.

Keep your pellets dry.  The number one cause of feed system jambs in pellet stoves is wet pellets.  This does not mean swimming wet, but pellets that have been exposed to moisture somewhere after they were made.  If you begin to pour pellets into your stove, and they begin to look full of sawdust, STOP.  They will get into the feed system and swell from the heat, jamming the feed system.  If this happens, you may need The Stove Doctor.

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