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Gas Stove Services

Gas stove, or gas fireplace services fall into three categories.  Repairs, maintenance and installations.

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Gas Stove Repairs include some common symptoms such as, the pilot light goes out, the pilot is burning but the unit won’t come on, or sometimes both.  Other problems include, the unit won’t respond to the thermostat or wall switch, and the unit is burning very black, blackening up the glass.  The Stove Doctor does not work on furnaces or heat pumps, but we do repairs on all types of natural gas fireplaces, gas inserts, and freestanding stoves.

Maintenance is something that lots of folks forget about when it comes to gas units.  They do not build ash, or suffer creosote in the chimney, but they do need periodic service to keep them in good working order.  Blackening up the glass is a classic symptom of a unit that needs to be serviced.  Other symptoms include delayed ignition, real bright yellow flames, burning dust odors and the appearance of lint, or dust in the valve portion of the stove.    The Stove Doctor applies a very gentle but effective cleaning technique that is adapted from our more aggressive pellet cleaning process to ensure that your unit is working as it should.

Installations  Yep, we do them.  Gas logs, Gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts or freestanding units.  We can also help with gas lines, permits and hearth accessories to complete your install.  Be aware that we only work on natural gas appliances, as propane is a special state license, which we do not carry.

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Over time, gas stoves can develop gas leaks.  Gas is an odorless gas in its natural state, but the gas company applies an odor to it that smells kind of like rotten eggs.  If you smell this odor, turn off the gas appliance by its manual shut off valve ASAP.  Call your local gas company’s emergency response department and they can do a check for you, usually at no charge to you.  If they find a leak, don’t use the unit and call The Stove Doctor.

The unit’s glass is a good indicator as to how the unit is burning.  Gas stoves usually see only a white haze on the glass after several seasons of burn.  If the glass is turning black, check to see that the door is securely closed.  Check with the unit’s owner’s manual to see if any of the logs may have shifted.  Flames hitting directly on the logs will cause the glass to turn black quickly.  If these do not help, time to call The Stove Doctor.

We advise that you leave your pilot burning during the summer.  Gas stoves have little openings (orifice) where the gas flows from the valve to either the pilot or the main burner heads.  During the summer, spiders, wasps, bee, and beetles love to come into the gas unit and take up residence.  They can plug these openings causing the unit to not fire up in the fall when you need it.  The pilot will usually produce enough heat to keep the “bugs” out of your system.  If they do move in, don’t call pest control, contact The Stove Doctor.

Log placement is critical for proper operation of your gas stove or gas fireplace.  When you turn on the unit, you should see flames within 3 to 5 seconds.  If your unit does not come on within that timeframe, check the log placement against the owner’s manual diagrams.  Do not move the logs for better appearance and do not burn the unit without the logs in it.  This can be dangerous.  If the log placement is correct and the unit is still having delayed ignition, don’t wait.  Call The Stove Doctor.

If your unit has a glass face on it, either glass panel or glass door, never burn the unit with this glass removed.   If it does not have a glass front, (a gas log in a masonry or zero-clearance fireplace for example) it is designed to burn without a glass face and should be safe.  A very harmful by-product of burning is carbon monoxide.  This is a poisonous gas that has no odor and no color.  We recommend a CO detector installed and since this gas is lighter than air, install the detector at the ceiling.  In homes with lofts or second floors put one at the highest point you can reach without getting on a ladder.  Need help with the placement?  Contact The Stove Doctor.

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